Meet the Maserati MC20, Today, Before it Goes On Sale

A photo illustration of the Maserati MC20.

What is the Maserati MC20?

There has never been a Maserati platform that didn’t turn heads. When the Maserati MC20 goes on sale, casual observers on the street are going to be at risk of whiplash trying to get a look at the latest supercar to hit the market. The Maserati Innovation Lab has really outdone itself with the development of the MC20. It is not only sleek and athletic-looking at any viewing angle, but the vertically opening doors deliver a distinctly Italian sports car style that defines high-performance cars from the country. Let’s look at a few things you might want to know before the Maserati MC20 goes on sale.

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Stunning Style & Functional Aerodynamics

The Maserati MC20 looks like it’s about ready to take off, even when it’s standing still. Designers achieved this unique aesthetic by leaning into the supercar’s aerodynamic design instead of working around it. Every single exterior element is a mix of beauty and functionality. In fact, the platform went through more than 2,000 man-hours of testing in a high-speed wind tunnel. 

While the upper half of the exterior is a blend of style and substance, the front vents and underbody are all about the work of helping the MC20 slice through the air. Maserati engineers used their extensive experience in racecar design to aid in the development of the MC20. The MC20 features a best-in-class weight-to-power ratio of 2.33 kg per horsepower., and you’ll see why this is important when we get to the MC20’s performance specs.

The driver's cockpit in the Maserati MC20.
The seats used in the Maserati MC20.

Maserati MC20 Performance Specs

A one-of-a-kind supercar like the Maserati MC20 requires a very special powertrain. The manufacturer delivered with the first-ever use of the Nettuno engine platform, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre, V-6 power plant that is attached to an eight-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission. The MC20 is capable of producing 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. More practically, this kind of power output means the MC20 is able to hit the following benchmarks:

  • 0-100 km/h: 2.88 seconds
  • 0-200 km/h: 8.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 326 km/h (202 mph)

MC20 Interior Elements

Historically, super high-performance platforms in the same class as the MC20 aren’t overly passenger-friendly. This is often a necessity because of the tight focus on performance and handling. However, the MC20 is still a Maserati car and interior refinement doesn’t take a backseat to anything. Alcantara is the predominant upholstery material used inside the MC20. Additionally, the seats are well-bolstered to maximize driver and passenger comfort while also holding them securely in place. Maserati has partnered with Sonus Faber to complete the MC20’s interior 

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