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The absolute opposite of ordinary.


Bold, graceful, assertive and elegant, the Maserati Ghibli offers something very different in a world of grey, business-like conformity. As you would expect of a luxury sedan, there’s soothing comfort and effortlessly intuitive technology, but also, race-bred performance. There’s graceful, four-door design, but also sporting character. And there’s the comfort of a smooth ride, but also pin-sharp, coupé-like handling.

The History of the Ghibli

The first Maserati Ghibli was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and unveiled at the Turin Motor Show of 1966. Giugiaro, then in his 20s, was considered a design prodigy. And rightly so. His creation, with its 2+2, fastback format, pop-up headlights and audacious shark-nosed profile was an instant hit. Maserati had planned to make 100 models but, following the car’s rapturous reception, that number was boosted to 400. In the end, the Ghibli remained in production until the end of 1972, with 1,295 examples built in spyder and coupé format.

The car followed a tradition pioneered by Maserati with the glorious A6 1500 of 1947. It was a grand tourer. That meant it delivered on the promise of glorious style, high-powered luxury and peerless comfort over almost any distance the owner cared to consider. It was also, naturally, a car imbued with our motor racing DNA – a remarkably powerful force. Indeed, well before 1966, we had proved our credentials with a host of famous wins. Here are just a few examples. In 1926, Alfieri Maserati drove the Maserati Tipo 26 to victory in its first ever race – the treacherous Targa Florio in the mountains of Sicily. In 1939, Wilbur Shaw won the Indianapolis 500 at the wheel of the Maserati ‘Boyle Special’ 8 CTF at an average speed of over 185 km/h. He then repeated this incredible feat the next year, making Maserati the only European manufacturer to win the Indy 500 two years in a row. And in 1957, the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio took his fifth F1 World Championship at the Nürburgring – also known as the Green Hell – in a Maserati 250F. At 46 years old, it was his last and his greatest victory.

Our latest Ghibli embodies the spirit that shaped both the first incarnation of 1966 and our hunger to innovate, compete and win. That means exclusive luxury, elegant yet bold design and progressive technology. And, of course, empowering performance

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